We set the standard. With our expertise, Our experience and our passion

Welcome to the SCIRES Group, an engineered Solutions provider with high-quality, high-capacity and high-efficiency Industrial equipment and offer the complete range of products for all tasks related to VACUUM & BLOWER  || COMPRESSED AIR & GAS || CHILLER & COOLING applications and we believe in empowering our customer processes by sharing the expertise, best practices, and innovative ideas and solutions that we have developed and collected during our long journey.

Compressed air, Vacuum and Cooling technologies which are integral to many production processes. Those who use a compressor often require vacuum and cooling technolgies too. Instead of implementing the possible solution exclusively from one product area, SCIRES Group offers solutions with cost- effective and innovative products from our entire range of compressed air treatment, gas generation, filtration, vacuum, cooling, measurement, lubricant and piping technologies.

With definitive quality products, cost effective and innovative approach and continuous efforts in application analysis and technical support the company has aim to be a frontrunner Company in providing Engineered solutions business and services to our customers and maintain highest level of customer satisfaction.

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