Oil-Sealed Vacuum pump range

GHS 350-5400 VSD+

Oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump with VSD Technology

GHS 1402-2002 VSD+

New-gen oil-sealed rotary screw vacuum pump with HPM** motor and VSD

GVS 16-630 A

Oil-sealed single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

GVD 0.7-275

Two stage oil-sealed vane vacuum pumps

GVS VSD Series

Oil-sealed rotary vane with built-in VSD

GLS 250-500 Series

Oil-sealed Rotary Piston Pumps

Oil-free Dry vacuum pump range

DZS Series

Dry Stainless steel mono claw vacuum pump

DZS VSD+ Series

Dry SS claw vacuum pump with built-in VSD

DZM 600-1200 VSD+

Dry multi-claw vacuum pumps with VSD

DSS Series

Dry Scroll vacuum pump

DVS 5-140

Dry Rotary Vane Vacuum Pumps

DWS 200-500

Fixed speed dry screw vacuum pumps

DWS 450-750 VSD+

Intelligent dry screw vacuum pump with VSD+

DRB 250-2000 Series

Mechanical Booster Pumps

ZRS 250-4200 Series

Mechanical Booster Pumps

DB Side Channel Blowers

available in oil-free single and double-stage variants

Liquid ring vacuum pump range

AWC A & AWS A Series

Single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps

AWS, AWD & AWL series

Liquid ring vacuum pumps

LRP 700-1000 VSD+

Intelligent liquid ring vacuum pump with VSD technology

Customized vacuum systems

Duplex vacuum system

Customer specific vacuum systems

Triplex vacuum system

Customer specific vacuum systems

Quadraplex vacuum system

Customer specific vacuum systems

Industry 4.0 controllers & accessories

HEX@™ Controller

The next-generation in vacuum control

HEX@GRID™ Controller

Industry 4.0 ready central vacuum systems

Values, Separators, Filters, Gauges, Tanks

Vacuum Components & accessories

Low Pressure Blower & Aeration Technologies

Side Channel Blowers

Claw Blower

Lobe Blower

Screw Blower

Turbo Blower

Centrifugal Blower

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